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From the East - May 2024


May is shaping up to be a busy month for us. We’ll have three candidates each going through one of the three degrees this month - a Fellowcraft, a Master Mason, and an Entered Apprentice. It just speaks to how active our Lodge is, and will mark our fourth man raised in the past 6 months! We’ll also have our Garden Party this month, a time to come together with family and friends and enjoy the camaraderie that Masonry promotes. Then, later in the month, we’ll have the annual Avon Lake Memorial Day Parade, as we gather around Al Koran Shrine’s “Big Red” and show the community we’re a part of them and support them. So please come out and support the work of our Lodge as we close out the first half of this year.

Masonic tradition and the Bible informs us that when King Solomon sought to build the temple, he called upon his friend King Hiram of Tyre to support the project. King Hiram was so pleased with the effort he sent workmen and Cyprus, such that King Solomon had 133,300 workmen engaged on the Temple, and in return King Solomon sent King Hiram 20,000 measures of wheat & barley and 20,000 measures of oil (1 Kings 5). What amazing fellowship and distinguished service between these two men! Through this story, we learn no one man can build a temple on his own, be it a temporal building or a spiritual one, but with the hands of many of his Brothers, he can accomplish stupendous and unexpected undertakings. At West Shore Lodge, we have already accomplished so much this year thanks to all of you, and I am so proud of how much our Lodge has turned out already. If you haven’t been to Lodge in a while, please come out and experience firsthand the amazing work being done. We hope to see as many of you in person as we can so that we can share in fellowship and continue to build our temples to be worthy of our calling.

Bill Marshall

Worshipful Master

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