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East - January 2024


Happy New Year! I do hope this season finds you well. One of the Scottish traditions during Hogmanay (New Year’s) is “redding the house”, or cleaning the house from top to bottom, sort of like a yearly “spring cleaning”. The whole purpose of this was as a physical symbol to make sure you start the year anew, clean out the dust and dirt from last year, and be organized and ready to take on the year ahead. Similarly, many of us make resolutions during this season, a promise to stop old, bad habits and start new, healthier ones. In our own ways, with these resolutions we’re “spring cleaning” or “redding” our own Spiritual Temples.

As we look forward to the year ahead, there’s a lot of exciting events & opportunities coming that I hope you will join us for. In January, we’ll start by passing one of our Brothers to the degree of Fellowcraft. Then, during a special meeting the following week we’ll recognize our Brothers for their service milestones & dedication to the fraternity during our annual awards night. This is open to guests and families, so please come out and celebrate with our members for their notable service. For our last stated meeting in January, we’ll talk about the current building renovation projects going on in the Lodge and get your input on what projects the Brethren most want to see done and made priority. A “redding” of our own house, if you will. This is your opportunity to have a say in the projects the Lodge tackles as we work to improve our building. In recognition of Brother Robert Burns, this will also be a kilt night - so wear a kilt if so inclined, or at least a bit of tartan/plaid if you like. Finally, at the end of January we’ll also have our annual Breakfast in the Park - a time of fellowship to come together and just enjoy our time together, one of the most important aspects of our Fraternity and joyful traditions of our Lodge.

I look forward to this new year with you, and seeing you at one of our meetings.


Bill Marshall

Worshipful Master

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