20149 Lake Road
Rocky River, Ohio 44116

Second and Fourth Tuesday at 7:00 P.M.

About Our Logo

The officers have worked hard on developing a logo that defines our lodge. Here's some of the symbolism behind it:

Lodge Motto - "Fraternally Based - Community Focused". We are first and foremost a fraternity, and our unity stems from that brotherhood. We also have a unique direction and character we'd like West Shore Lodge #804 to be, and that's community focused. While we want to engage more outwardly to the local communities we hail from to spread the light of masonry and attract others to the fraternity through our charitable works, it also represents the masonic community within.

Lighthouse - Much as a lighthouse emanates light, West Shore Lodge will emanate the light of masonry to all, bringing light in the midst of darkness. As we encompass a large area near Lake Erie, it also ties into that nautical theme found so prominently in the West Shore/Lake Erie area.

Lighthouse S&C - The Square & Compasses, great lights and symbols of Masonry, provide the source of the light within the lighthouse

Lighthouse Stripes - Stripes of 3-5-7 rise up the side of the lighthouse - a nod to the symbolic lessons taught within freemasonry.

Est. 2021 - Our founding year, proudly displayed.

-Bro. Marshall

How to Join

Is it your desire to join the ranks of men, both great and small, who are proud to share in the Masonic tradition of service and excellence?

Freemasons come from all walks of life, each serving his community in his own way. Members of the uniformed services, like policemen, firemen, the EMS, and our military personnel meet together as equals with civilians, regardless of rank or distinction. They join together in fraternal fellowship to improve themselves and their communities.

If you do desire to join a Masonic Lodge and share in the fraternal fellowship that abounds there, you will need to determine which Lodge is nearest you, if that is West Shore Lodge, please use the contact the Lodge at 440-331-4797.

Our Grand Master’s “Replace Yourself Program”

We've been too quiet about our fraternity! Every Brother needs to become a spokesman for Freemasonry. It's important to talk with non-Masons about who we are and what we do.

Seventy-six percent of new Masons joined because it is tradition in their family, someone they respected was a Mason or their friends or co-workers are Masons. A Brother who knows of a man that he feels would make a good Mason should talk to him about our fraternity.

Help ensure the future of our great fraternity and your lodge...REPLACE YOURSELF! Make your commitment now! Go to the this web page, http://www.replaceyourself.org/ and complete the form.

First Line Signer

The commitment to replace yourself is one of the most important decisions a Brother can make to ensure the future of this lodge. Replacing yourself by recommending a new member and encouraging other brothers to do the same will have a significant impact toward increasing membership not only for your lodge but for Ohio Freemasonry as well. As a first line signer on a Petition for Degrees you are eligible to receive the Replace Yourself Award once the candidate becomes a Master Mason.

The Lapel Pin

The custom designed lapel pin is truly one of a kind and those who wear it should do so with pride knowing that they have made an important contribution to the future of their lodge and Ohio Freemasonry. As Masons we wear many different pins. However, this one is extraordinary in that it MUST BE earned.

The rules are simple...REPLACE YOURSELF and when your candidate becomes a Master Mason your lodge secretary will notify the Replace Yourself program chairman that you are entitled to receive the award.

Wear it with pride and tell others . . . REPLACE YOURSELF...I DID! WILL YOU!"

Ensuring Our Future One Brother At A Time!